Fryeburg Academy

About Us

Entering its 223rd year, Fryeburg Academy is set in a classic New England village, in the foothills of the White Mountains. It is a community offering a sense of belonging to all who come, and a backbone of support to all. It is close to the ocean, rivers, lakes and 800,000 acres of White Mountain National Forest, so outdoor activities are limitless, every season of the year.

The Academy believes that a strong school community provides the best conditions for learning and growth. Therefore, we strive to create a supportive school environment that promotes respect, tolerance, and cooperation, and prepares students for responsible citizenship. Within this context, the Academy’s challenging and comprehensive academic program, enriched by a varied co-curriculum, provides the knowledge and skills necessary to produce curious and critical thinkers, graduates who are ready to go out and make a difference.

With a myriad of course offerings, students of Fryeburg have the opportunity to push themselves academically, while knowing that foundationally the supports are in place to find success. Our Deans and Advisors work with each student to create a process of course selection that aims to develop their long term academic goals. With over 20 Advanced Placement (AP) classes and Honors level courses, we will challenge students with rigor and diversity in their academic offerings. We believe that class planning is one of the most serious decision making processes a young man or woman is asked to undergo, for it strongly impacts upon that persons’ future.

For non-English speaking students, our Center for International Students (CIS) is a model program that allows for students with all range of language abilities to enter Fryeburg Academy and grow. The CIS includes English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) courses, TOEFL Prep courses, specialized college and financial aid assistance, and a college writing course to prepare students with college-level essay writing.
Unique to Fryeburg Academy is our May Term, which allows students to step out of the classroom and choose four classes that will broaden their academic and global understanding. It provides real life, hands on, experiential learning in everything from Oil Painting to Archaeology; the works of Edgar Allen Poe to Comic book Super Heroes; Basic Robotics to French Cooking, to name a few.

Stepping out of the classroom, our objective is to challenge our students to be try new things; be adventurous. From our award winning music programs to the athletic offerings to joining a new club or organization, Fyreburg Academy has a strong sense of community. The support and positive encouragement that exists within this community allows for students to feel comfortable taking risks and trying new things. With the generous support of our Alumni, today’s students benefit from learning in state of the art facilities, and from teachers who are active in their fields.

We invite you to see all that Fryeburg Academy has to offer, and are confident that you will find what you are looking for during your academic and cultural experience in the U.S.

3 Key Program Features:

  1. Outdoor Learning and Research Center: Students enjoy experiential/adventure based critical learning in the outdoors
  2. USSA Ski Program: Meets every day (Winter) for half day training at nearby Ski Resort
  3. Tutorial Program: Individualized support; Students receive daily, structured, academic guidance relating to current educational needs
  • Total Enrollment : 607
  • Type : Co-Ed
  • Boarding Grades : 9-12, PG
  • Total Students : 607
  • Boarding Students : 160
  • Day Students : 447
  • ESL Offered : Yes
  • Summer Program : No
  • Avg. Class Size : 15
  • Standard Application : Yes
  • Academic URL :
  • Sport URL :
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership