Boarding School Advantages

Providing a Boarding School education is one of the greatest gifts a parent can give to a child.  Not only do these Schools help students attain the best degrees and qualifications, they provide a foundation for life, success, and personal friendships that last forever…

Meet These Schools Near You

Boarding Schools search the globe to find students who are an ideal fit for their programmes, sport teams, clubs and classrooms. Please review the list of cities in Latin America, Asia the Middle East, Europe and Africa to find when Boarding Schools will be near you…

Expert Advice

Linden’s Consultants have, collectively, over 200 years experience working with Boarding Schools, Therapeutic Schools, and Universities. Our team of Experts continually visit and maintain relationships with more than 300 Schools and their administrators…

Welcome to Premier Boarding Schools of the World!

Premier Boarding Schools of the World is an impressive collection of unique and influential Schools which empower students with the tools necessary to lead lives of distinction.

These Schools possess outstanding traditions of academic supremacy and are built on educational models of diverse curricula.  Students are taught by highly qualified and exceptionally motivated teachers.  Couple this with small classes that encourage meaningful interaction, as well as learning that extends beyond the classrooms in activities, sports, and artistic ventures, and you’ll quickly understand why their graduates are scholarly, resourceful and endowed with sophistication and enlightenment far beyond their peers.

No Schools found here pay to be a part of this website; there are no advertisements; it’s purely a distinguished group of Schools which our team has researched and found to be selfless, rigorous, and prepared to give your child the education and experience of a lifetime.  These are indeed the Premier Boarding Schools of the World, not because each is markedly famous, but because they deliver on their promises to young people, and to parents.

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