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About Us

Nearly every college preparatory school offers a strong academic program. The same is true at Miss Hall’s. Our students score exceptionally well on Advanced Placement Exams and each year are admitted to top colleges and universities. And, as with all schools offering excellent academics, our teachers bring expertise, dedication, and innovation into their classrooms.

So what’s different about Miss Hall’s? For starters, the Girls’ Leadership Project. The GLP isn’t a class or club, but rather the way we deliver our college preparatory program. It is central to our belief that young women need more than academic success to step confidently into the real world. They need real skills, which they can be taught, not here and there, but as part of the full learning experience—in the classroom, on the athletic fields, in the dorms, and around the Dining Room table. And through Horizons, our off-campus internship program, girls also have an expanded “classroom” where they can try out the skills they are learning.

Preparing girls for college, while giving them practice in skills essential for success in life, sets Miss Hall’s apart. And that’s just the beginning. We are committed to educating girls differently and giving them a jump start in learning and practicing the skills they will need.

Every Thursday morning MHS sophomores, juniors, and seniors leave campus and head to sites across Berkshire County, gaining valuable real-world experience in the process. At their sites girls practice the skills they’ve been learning—advocating for a cause, speaking up when they know the answer, offering the bold idea in a staff meeting, taking the initiative, accepting advice—all the skills they’ll need when they enter the real world.

There’s also time to prepare for Horizons adventures. As new students on campus, freshwomen spend the year engaging in activities designed to facilitate their adjustment to the School community. They manage our on-campus greenhouse, take courses on ethics, and participate in workshops in financial literacy, leadership styles, and how to network with others, all as preparation for their off-campus experiences.

By the time a young woman graduates from Miss Hall’s, she’ll have the competitive advantage of having spent hundreds of hours in the real world, practicing the skills she’ll need when she gets there full time. She’ll already know what it feels like to make a difference and to have influence about what matters to her.

Looking Ahead
Skills for real-world success are key, and they can be taught, not in one or two experiences here and there, but as part of the full learning experience, in a broad array of venues and throughout the school year. Our work is to teach girls the skills they need to be comfortable exercising their personal authority, to build and sustain authentic and powerful relationships with others, and to have influence on what matters most to them.

In the words of our mission statement, we teach girls how to contribute boldly and creatively to the common good and lead lives of purpose.

3 Key Program Features:

  1. Horizons-Our experiential, service-learning and internship program that provides students with internship and volunteer opportunities
  2. Girls Leadership Project- leadership education that is incorporated into every aspect of the Miss Hall’s college-preparatory program
  3. Our Berkshires Location- our campus is surrounded by cultural activity and is located only two hours from Boston and three hours from New York
  • Total Enrollment : 215
  • Type : All Girls
  • Boarding Grades : 9-12, PG
  • Total Students : 215
  • Boarding Students : 161
  • Day Students : 54
  • ESL Offered : Yes
  • Summer Program :
  • Avg. Class Size : 11
  • Standard Application : Yes
  • Academic URL : https://www.misshalls.org
  • Sport URL :
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