Masters School

About Us

The Masters School is a co-educational college preparatory school, located on a 96-acre campus in Dobbs Ferry, New York, just 12 miles north of New York City, easily reached by Metro North, car, or school bus. Both a day and boarding school, a uniquely diverse group of talented students come from 18 states and 30 countries. Middle School students (grades 5-8) are challenged by an innovative theme-based, interdisciplinary curriculum that engages their minds while developing traditional academic skills. A distinctive feature of the Middle School is that boys and girls in grades 6-8 are taught in single gender classes. In the Upper School, grades 9-12, students experience a challenging curriculum that encourages critical, creative, and independent thinking in a co-educational setting.

All classes take place around oval Harkness tables, giving each student a front-row seat for highly interactive, participatory learning. The presence of boarding students and faculty who live on campus creates a rich and lively experience for day and boarding students in the evenings and during the weekends. Upper school and middle school students participate in a wide variety of extra-curricular activities, including competitive athletic teams, excellent visual and performing arts, recreational sports, and community service program. Faculty and students take advantage of The Masters School’s proximity to New York and location in the Hudson Valley for meaningful experience-based learning opportunities that complement classroom teaching and learning.

At Masters we are committed to helping each of our Middle School and Upper School students construct a distinctive, individualized and rewarding education.  Whether learning seminar-style around Harkness tables of in collaborative small groups, our students are shoulder-to-shoulder with their teachers and each other.  Through this dynamic, Masters School students arrive at a deeper recognition of their learning: rather than a solitary exercise, they internalize learning as a dynamic process of mutually honing ideas while building critical thinking and communication skills.

By navigating the experiential classroom of New York City, students learn to find and mine unmatchable resources that fortify their classroom experiences and inspire them toward new discoveries and sharpened abilities.  After their years among a close-knit, egalitarian community, Masters School students embark for college as confident young women and men who embrace new ideas, appreciate different perspectives, and enjoy a field-tested understanding of self and how to navigate the world.

3 Key Program Features:

  1. Seminar-style, discussion based classes around Harkness tables
  2. Opportunities for students to have experiential learning because of close proximity to New York City
  3. Extremely strong Fine Arts program
  • Total Enrollment : 658
  • Type : Co-Ed
  • Boarding Grades : 5-12
  • Total Students : 658
  • Boarding Students : 157
  • Day Students : 501
  • ESL Offered : Yes
  • Summer Program :
  • Avg. Class Size : 14
  • Standard Application : Yes
  • Academic URL :
  • Sport URL :
  • Music/Performing Arts
  • Visual Arts