Indian Springs School

About Us

Imagine a school that gives bright, engaged students the tools and the responsibility to continually improve themselves and their school. Partner them with an accomplished and nurturing faculty that challenges them academically. Add in a healthy dose of mutual respect and the encouragement to make independent, informed decisions. Help round out their academic experiences with exciting athletic and artistic opportunities. In short, give these students an excellent preparation for their life after high school.

What would you see at such a school?

Well, you would see a college preparatory school whose graduates attend some of the most selective colleges and universities in the country. A body of students with the thinking skills and flexibility of mind to be successful in the complex, globalized world that is upon us. Young people who recognize the importance of managing their time. Students who appreciate that it is possible to play on a State Championship athletic team, practice the violin and get good grades. And finally a group of learners who understand that they are involved in an educational “team effort” with a supportive cast of caring adults.

Do all of this on a large, beautiful and safe campus just outside a major city, but with a small, friendly student body that is accepting of the individual. Foster a strong sense of connectedness and a realization of a membership in, and collective responsibility for, school, local, national and global communities.

It sounds like a great story.

Welcome to the reality that is Indian Springs School.

Sports: 70% of Springs students participate in sports. Any student interested in playing on a team is able to find the right fit!

  • Fall: Volleyball, Cross Country
  • Winter: Basketball
  • Spring: Soccer, Tennis, Softball, Baseball, Golf, Ultimate Frisbee
  • Music: With a rich tradition, our 120-member choir has toured extensively. It is the largest extracurricular activity. Our Ensemble (for Classical music) and our Jazz Band involve a large number of students.
  • Theater: With three major productions each year, as well as 6 to 8 one-acts, our Theater Department is a very busy place. You can act, sing, dance, build sets or run lights and sound

3 Key Program Features:

  1. Strong student-faculty relationships developed in a thriving school community
  2. Freedoms that foster self-reliance and the development of good decision making skills
  3. The celebration of independent thinking and cultivation of diversity
  • Total Enrollment : 279
  • Type :
  • Boarding Grades : 8-12
  • Total Students : 279
  • Boarding Students : 81
  • Day Students : 198
  • ESL Offered : No
  • Summer Program :
  • Avg. Class Size : 14
  • Standard Application : Yes
  • Academic URL :
  • Sport URL :
  • Leadership
  • Music/Performing Arts
  • Visual Arts