Emma Willard School

About Us

Emma Hart Willard challenged the barriers to American girls’ education in 1814 when she founded the first and most prestigious school in the United States for girls. She was a revolutionary thinker and a visionary. Her spirit lives on in every Emma girl.

Nearly 200 years later, in an era in which women and men must be well-educated and principled world leaders, an Emma education rises above all others. We are the only Fair Trade High School in the United States. Emma offers signature opportunities for a girl to personalize her knowledge based on her interests; to grow in a way that uniquely prepares her for the challenges of college, but also for a life far beyond academia.

The Emma Signature
What makes Emma different is the way we nurture our girls by fostering independence and resilience. Girls here are at ease in their world. They find ways of belonging that transcend race, religion, skin color, socio-economic background, and culture. We say our girls are “cosmopolitan” in that they are truly comfortable anywhere.
Emma is about purpose, not a privilege. It’s about community. Emma is your home whether you’re a boarding or day student. The mix of boarding and day students is near 60/40 – and day students are welcome at all weekend activities.

It is as much about personal excellence as it is about supporting others to succeed. As much as a girl charts her future here, she quickly realizes that her friends, her teachers, and her advisors are her very best support system (and she theirs).

Living and learning at Emma mean you are embraced by the whole community. We’ve all got your back. And we’re proud to say we’ve heard from students and parents that this sets us apart.

A Global Vision
Emma Willard School is a dynamic and joyous place. Unabashedly the finest girls’ school in the world, its faculty and staff embrace learning and love to teach. The life of the mind is alive and well here. Emma Hart Willard’s stunningly bold idea is the same then as it is now … If you educate a girl, you will transform the world.

Girls excel here. Their ambitions are as varied as their talents. Ever exuberant, the Emma Willard community encourages each girl’s aspirations and offers her opportunities for accomplishment every day. In and out of the classroom, we promote leadership and celebrate citizenship. We explore values and reward intellectual risk-taking. We challenge girls to take responsibility for developing their minds and their hearts to the fullest and putting their talents to good purpose.

3 Key Program Features:

  1. Deep Personalization – We believe the key to enriched learning is the personalization of a curriculum that We will engage each girl in a graduation destination that is unique to her.
  2. Authentic Culture – Those who have dreams of becoming scientists, athletes, artists, architects, or whatever their hearts desire live, study, and play together in a community of acceptance and inclusiveness.
  3. Distinctive Worldview – Transforming the traditional notion of girls’ boarding school as an insular world to one that launches a girl into a global arena of issues and opportunity. Emma girls feel at home in the world no matter where they find themselves.
  • Total Enrollment : 345
  • Type : All Girls
  • Boarding Grades : 9-12, PG
  • Total Students : 345
  • Boarding Students : 210
  • Day Students : 135
  • ESL Offered : Yes
  • Summer Program : Yes
  • Avg. Class Size : 12
  • Standard Application : Yes
  • Academic URL : https://emmawillard.org
  • Sport URL :
  • Leadership